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John Fries Memorial Prize 2010

11 August 2010 - 30 September 2010

The John Fries Memorial Prize has been established in recognition of the formative influence John Fries had on the development of Viscopy. He was a Viscopy director and honorary treasurer for five years until his tragic and unexpected death in 2009. The $10,000 prize, generously donated by the Fries family, is open to emerging artists of all ages.

The inaugural John Fries Memorial Prize presents the work of sixteen artists working across a range of media, encompassing painting, drawing, video, sculpture, design and photography. Each of the finalists brings a unique perspective to concerns ranging from the environment and the representation of history to formal investigations into technique, skill and material. Collectively, these diverse artists all share an investment in what it means to be an artist, a role which involves the observation, exploration, representation, and discussion of contemporary life.

Finalists include: Hannah Bertram, Jessica Bradford, Deidre But-husaim, Susan Frisch, Christopher Fulham, Ike Glatz, Sarah Goffman, Melanie Irwin, Chrissie Lanssen, Emily McIntosh, SanneÌ Mestrom, Jamie North, Kenzee Patterson, Gary Smith, Kurt Sorensen and Layla Vardo.

Congratulations to the winners of the John Fries Memorial Prize 2010

  • Hannah Bertram $10,000 and
  • Melanie Irwin $5,000