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Ben Leslie

Ben Leslie

Ben is a sculptor whose practice is concerned with the studio’s ongoing relationship with art historical contexts.

He explores the recent return to art-making that prioritises first-hand experience with forms and materials. Ben’s work looks to the tropes of modernist sculpture – the stack, the column, the phallic, the yonic – adopting these with a sense of humour and a touch of parody whilst maintaining regard for the ideals, aesthetics and values therein. He explores the relationship with this past, that when considered from our 21st century perspective proves problematic, to tease out issues of sexuality, gender and the idiosyncrasies of our ongoing material culture.

Recent exhibitions include Versus Rodin, the Art Gallery of South Australia, 2017; Racks 2: a solid workout, Firstdraft, Sydney, 2017; Mothership, grand opening of the new Port Adelaide Fontanelle facility, 2017; The House of Vulture, Fontanelle Gallery, 2016; Endless Golem West Space, Melbourne, 2015.

Ben is Co-Founder and Director of Fontanelle Gallery and Studios Bowden / Port Adelaide. He completed a Masters of Fine Art by Research degree at the University of South Australia in 2016.