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Jessie Bullivant

Jessie produces socially responsive works that interrogate the subtle ways power manifests and operates in different contexts – across the political, social and personal.

Her work responds to the conditions of the gallery space, as well as collaborating with professionals from diverse fields such as construction, cleaning, transport, advertising, radio and customer service. Through acts of complication, inversion and mediation, Jessie aims to reveal the unconscious or logic of the immaterial, social contracts and hierarchies at play in everyday situations.

In 2015, she exhibited at ACCA as part of NEW15, producing a work that engaged the gallery invigilators and encompassed the multi-platform advertising campaign.

Jessie completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at RMIT in 2011, and Honours at the VCA in 2015. She has participated in group, and solo exhibitions across Melbourne, undertaken residencies in Perth and Auckland, and international projects in Stockholm and New York.