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Kathy Ramsey

Kathy Ramsey (born at Bow River Station, lives and works in Warmun, Western Australia)

Kathy is a painter, dancer, carver and a key cultural figure in the new generation of artists emerging from Warmun Art Centre. She paints her ancestral Country around Bow River, incorporating rich Ngarranggarni stories with recent histories of station life, as well as religious iconography from her strong Catholic spirituality. Kathy’s cultural tradition and knowledge extend beyond her painting practice to include her role as a dancer of ceremony, specifically the Marnem, Marnem Dililib Benuwarrnji (Fire, Fire Burning Bright) Joonba and Waanga.

In her artwork she shares aspects of her Country − the meaning of place and their associated stories which have been passed down to her by her mother (Mona Ramsey), father (Rammey Ramsey) and grandfathers (Paddy Bedford and Timmy Timms Snr). Kathy is a prolific artist whose paintings develop new approaches and interpretations of both ancestral and contemporary stories, building on the tradition of strong practices emerging from Warmun Art Centre.

Recent exhibitions include Warlbowinj and Jumulunj (River Wallaby and Boab Tree) – Paul Johnstone Gallery, Darwin, 2016; Warmun Then and Now, Berndt Museum, The University of Western Australia, 2015; Revealed, Perth Cultural Centre and Gallery Central, Perth, 2015; and Warmun Aboriginal Art, Art Images Gallery, Adelaide, 2014.