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Sarah Poulgrain

Sarah’s practice is motivated by her estrangement from qualities associated with dominant forms of ‘professionalism’.

Through a strategic and paradoxical engagement with amateurism she aims to reaffirm the personal, pathetic and idiosyncratic as non-pejorative and endearing qualities. Her approach combines DIY construction, fannish enthusiasm and professional presentation.

Using YouTube tutorials and in-home construction as practical parameters, she works across sewing, ceramics and video installations. Previous works have focused on her relationship with her mother as well as her personal affinity for the British Broadcasting Company’s 1995 series of Pride and Prejudice. Rather than ironic appropriation or parody, she uses her own understanding and personal experience of fannish enthusiasm as a starting point for critical reflection.

In 2015, Sarah graduated from Queensland College of Art with first class honours. In collaboration with Llewellyn Millhouse she produced a work for SafARI 2016 (NSW). Her individual practice has been shown at Metro Arts (QLD), Boxcopy (QLD), Blindside (VIC), Griffith University Art Gallery (QLD) and was highly commended at the 2014 Churchie National Emerging Art Prize. She has upcoming exhibitions at Cut Thumb (QLD), Bus Projects (VIC) and Success (WA).