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Tim Gregory

Tim Gregory

Tim’s artistic practice is trans-disciplinary and traverses mediums and forms in an attempt to queer normative modes of visuality.

He seeks collaborative partners – such as webcam sex workers (New Life Model 2014) – to produce works that blur the boundaries between performer and director, artwork and economic transaction. He remixes maligned culture, for instance Australian pornographic feature films (Pornozotic 2015), to uncover exotic landscapes and awkward performances of masculine herteronormativity. He produces works that combine his academic and artistic practice, undertaking endurance performance lectures (Endurance Pornography Lecture, 2014) and producing audio guides with fellow academic Oliver Watts that unpack the ideology of everyday visual culture (2011-ongoing). Tim also uses tactical interventions to generate minor fissures in visual culture, for example producing a painting for the Archibald Prize (2015) to insert a text piece (the wall text) as the actual artwork.

His practice avoids stylization, constantly queering itself to prevent habituating creative responses. It is invested in a critique of ideologies of ‘the visible’, particularly as they operate at the intersection between the visible and the invisible, the comprehensible and the unsay-able, the consensual and the taboo.

Tim is currently a lecturer at UNSW Art & Design where he teaches across studio and theory. Tim has exhibited at the Art Gallery of NSW, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Latrobe Regional Gallery, First Draft, Chalk Horse and undertaken projects with the Sydney Biennale and the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. He has published in international peer-review journals in the field of pornography. He co-founder and editor of ON Journal.