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Vincent Namatjira

Vincent Namatjira is a young dynamic artist whose works are loose and bold in their painterly construction, equally they are conceptually rich and diverse. He was a John Fries Award Finalist in 2013.

Grandson to the famous landscape watercolourist, Albert Namatjira, Namatjira’s practise is an investigatory journey of self-discovery and search for identity. Born in 1983 in Alice Springs, he is a member of the Iwantja Arts & Crafts centre in Indulkana, S.A.

Loosely marking out shapes and compositions onto a black background, Vincent paints confident fragments of colour back into his canvas before boldly outlining characters and slowly building a narrative within his paintings. The works are simply laid out, allowing them to be simultaneously engaging yet estranged; there is dynamic naïve strength to his work, a courage and straight-talking defiance in his application of paint.