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Xanthe Dobbie

Xanthe Dobbie is a Melbourne-based new media artist and curator, who works across immersive audio-visual installation, performance and screen-based works.

Her practice aims to capture the experience of contemporaneity as reflected through feminism, art history, and pop, internet and queer culture.

Many of her works take the form of large-scale moving collages, which are compositionally-based around 14th and 15th century religious iconography. Combining snippets of sourced footage and found images in hundreds of carefully manipulated layers, she develops animated paintings, which merge contemporary internet and trash culture with loaded historical imagery.

Graduating from Fine Art (Honours) at RMIT University in 2013, she has exhibited widely, being included in Channels and Gertrude Street Projection Festivals, as well as solo exhibitions at Grey Gardens Projects (2015) and John Buckley Gallery (2014).

In 2015, she received development grants from City of Melbourne and Creative Victoria for her collaborative multi-platform project ‘One Million Views’ to be exhibited as part of Next Wave Festival in mid 2016. One Million Views’explores the on- and offline experiences of Australian YouTube celebrities and aims to deconstruct the nature of identity in the Internet Era. The exhibition will span across six north Melbourne Venues and be accompanied by a comprehensive online platform.

Also a member of the Board of Directors at BLINDSIDE ARI, she has co-curated a number of large-scale shows for the space including; ‘Debut XII’ (2016), ‘Screen Series: Displaced Agency’ (2015), & ‘BLINDSIDE Festival: Meet the Public’ (2014).